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A Demonstration of Cutting-edge Web3 Technologies, Meticulously Crafted by brunovjk. It Serves as a Showcase for a Curated Collection of Powerful Technologies, Seamlessly Blending Simplicity With Innovation to Create an Immersive and Captivating Gambling Experience.

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  • Next.js
  • Material UI
  • Typescript
  • Solidity
  • Hardhat
  • Wagmi
  • and More

Animation and Transitions

- Within the Flyflutter Web App, Every Interaction is Brought to Life Through Captivating Animations and Fluid Transitions.

- Our Interface Seamlessly Responds to User Actions, Creating an Immersive and Dynamic Environment.

- From the Exhilarating Moments Triggered by Blockchain Events to the Smooth Transitions Throughout the App, These Meticulously Crafted Animations Elevate the Overall User Experience.

The layers sidebar design, now with user profiles.
Multiple user annotations on a shared layer.

Smart Contracts for Trust and Fairnes

By integrating with the API3 QRNG service, FlyFlutter achieves decentralized random number generation, guaranteeing unbiased and tamper-proof results. Furthermore, the project leverages Gelato, a decentralized automation protocol, to streamline and automate various smart contract functionalities, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of the platform.

An annotation preview popover with statistics for shape perimeter and area.

Front-End Development

Flyflutter`s Front-end Development is made using Wagmi and Connect Kit, Meticulously Engineered to Provide Players With an Intuitive and Seamless Gambling Experience.

Our User Interface Exhibits a Harmonious Blend of Simplicity and Elegance, Offering Effortless Navigation and Ease of Use.

Powered by Smart Contracts on the Back-end, Flyflutter Ensures a Secure and Reliable Gambling Experience, Prioritizing Transparency and Fairness.

A promotional image from Enderal showing several characters in the game overlooking a distant city.

Smart Contracts for Trust and Fairness

FlyFlutter harnesses the power of smart contracts to underpin its gambling experience, ensuring utmost transparency and fairness.

These contracts provide a secure environment for players, guaranteeing a level playing field for all participants.

To Explore Further, You Can Access the Complete Source Code on the Flyflutter Github Repository.